Any burning questions? Feel free to browse through our frequently asked questions! If there are any further questions that were not addressed here, or if you just want some human interaction, feel free to drop us a message via Facebook, WhatsApp, or email! 🙂

Customization Orders

1. I do not have my own plushie for conversion, but would like to see some of the in-stock that you have. How can I go about doing that?

Simply click on “Shop” to look at our available in-stock. All in-stock orders are standardized with a chalk brush holder. Can’t find something that you want? Fill up an order form here or drop us a message to find out more!


2. I do not have my own plushie for conversion, but have a specific one in mind. How do I go about placing a customization order for a plushie that is not in-stock?

Fill up an order form here to let us know what you are looking for, and we will source the product for you! We will provide you with a picture of the item before the online order is made, for your confirmation and payment, before we go ahead with the online order. Once the order has been made and confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email with the amount of payment required. The order will only be processed after payment has been made.


3. I have a plushie at hand, how do I find out if it is suitable for conversion into a chalkbag/chalk bucket and place an order for customization?

For all chalk bag and chalk bucket conversions, please message us so that we can assess if your plushie is suitable for conversion (consultation is free!). If we deem it suitable, we will provide you with an online link for your conversion order and payment details. Typically, your plushie should be at least wider than your closed fist, and be able to fit your fist up till slightly past the wrist. Plushies with a narrow neck are not suitable for conversion, UNLESS the plushie has a big enough head that can accommodate the chalk ball and your hand.


4. How much does it cost to convert an existing plushie?

We charge a flat rate of $35 for conversions to chalk bag, and $50 for conversions to chalk bucket. Please drop us a message to determine if your plushie is suitable for conversion!


5. How do I indicate a special request in my order?

For orders in our shop, please indicate special requests during check-out. If more than one item is being purchased at a time, please ensure that you indicate which item the special request is for. For orders via the order form, simply key in your special request in the “special requests” box.

1. How do I make payment for my order?

For local transactions, there are 2 options for payment – via Bank Transfer (DBS 421-55568-0), or via DBS PayNow or PayLah to (+65) 9658 6312. All orders will only be processed AFTER payment has been confirmed. Kindly make the Bank Transfer to DBS 421-55568-0 or PayNow to (+65) 9658 6312 within 24 hours of placing your order, otherwise, your order will be released back onto our system.  After making the Bank Transfer, please send a screenshot or photo of the transaction to us at admin@chalkem-up.com or WhatsApp at (+65) 9658 6312. We will ensure that the transaction has been successful, before you receive an invoice from us.


2. I am ordering this from overseas (not in Singapore), and do not have access to local bank currency transfers. How do I go about making payment?

International customers can make payment via PayPal. Do note that there is a SGD$5 surcharge fee for any transaction made with PayPal. Paypal accepts most major banks credit and debit cards. It utilizes a secure site to make payment, so you will not have to worry about credit card information being lost in the process! Please note that all international orders will incur a tiered rate international shipping charge (based on weight), so the final cost may not be what you see . International customers are required to make payment for shipping charges before the order will be sent.

1. After placing my order, how long will I have to wait before my order is ready for collection?

  • After placing an order, you will receive a confirmation email. Payment has to be made within 24 hours, following which you will receive an email invoice. For available in-stocks, the order will be ready by the next working day after the invoice has been sent (AKA after payment has been made).
  • For orders that involve us bringing in a particular plushie, we will start sourcing for a suitable plushie ASAP and make the order as soon as we are able to find a suitable product and you have agreed with the chosen item and made your payment. The final product will be ready about 1-2 weeks (regular period) or 2-4 weeks (peak period eg. festive seasons) after we have received the plushie. For online plushie orders requiring international shipping, plushies may take 2 to 6 weeks to arrive, depending on where the plushie is being shipped from, as well as seasonal variances. Do note that plushies that are sourced online, we are not able to guarantee that the product ordered will definitely be suitable for making a chalkbag. In the event that the plushie is not suitable, we will not charge you for that plushie, but would require more time to source for another plushie. Should this occur and you decide not to wait for another plushie to arrive, we will refund you the full amount.
  • For orders that are conversions of an existing plushie, the order will be ready for collection about 1-2 weeks (regular period) or 2-4 weeks (peak period eg. festive seasons) after we have received the plushie.
  • All international orders will be sent via Air Registered Mail Service. Orders may take 3 to 14 working days to arrive at the destination, depending on location. For festive postings, it is advisable to add another 10 working days for airmail to the above estimated delivery time.


2. How do I arrange for self-collection?

We typically climb at Climb Central (Kallang Wave Mall), and Gorilla Climbing Gym (Chai Chee) throughout the week, without a fixed schedule. Please contact us to find out when and where we can arrange a suitable time for self collection.


3. How do I arrange for local mailing service?

On check-out, you will be able to choose between self collection, local normal mail delivery, or local registered mail delivery. Postage will be $2.00 for local normal mail (risk of mail lost in transit will have to be bourne by the customer), and $4.00 for registered mail (safer option to be able to track items).


4. Alamak! I need a chalk bag urgently for a friend’s birthday or Christmas present or (insert any other festive occasion)! How can I get it as quick as possible?

  • Our fastest turnaround time would be for in-stocks self-collection. Should you require your order urgently, message to let us know, but you may be require to head down to a place of our convenience to collect the item.
  • For conversion orders, we will impose a surcharge on urgent orders that are made during peak periods (festive season etc.).

1. The sewing seems to be coming apart! Help!!

As our products are all handmade, some requiring extensive amount of hand sewing, vigorous use may result in some parts of the chalk bag coming apart. If you had purchased your item within the past 3 months, just drop us a message and we will fix it up for you, free of charge!


2. The waist belt is too small!

We have standardized our adjustable waist belt to a maximum length of 40 inches. Should you require a larger waist belt, be sure to indicate this in your initial order. For local orders, we will be able to assist to exchange the waist belt for a larger one if required. However for international/overseas order, this would be difficult. Hence, remember to indicate in your order before hand if you require a larger waist belt!