About Us

Chalk’em Up! was founded in late 2017 by Eileen Soon. It was started with a simple vision in mind – to be able to provide climbers with a service to make climbing more fun and engaging, as well as to be able to give back to society at the same time.

Unlike what we may choose to believe, climbing is a social sport. Yea, we may hate to admit it, and we may sometimes enjoy the freedom of doing a boulder problem alone, or completing an auto-belay route solo. But very often, while sitting in the climbing gym absorbed in our own thoughts, unlikely friendships form (and they become likely friendships of course!) and we find topics of common interest to talk about – whether it is the beta of a particular boulder problem, or how disgusting the holds of a particular route are; we have noticed that climbing essentially has the ability to force an anti-social person, to become sociable, even if it may be for just a few hours. Interesting chalk bags/buckets designs have sparked numerous conversations and friendships for ourselves. We realized that it had even made kids want to try climbing just so that they could justify buying themselves a cute chalk bag! Well, if it can help introduce the sport of climbing to more people, why not right?

With her trusty sidekick (aka her cousin, Lina), Eileen hopes to be able to provide climbers with affordable customizable chalkbags that turns heads, and hopefully, helps climbers make friends too!