Chalk’em Up! is a home-grown small social enterprise offering conversion services of plushies/soft toys into chalk bags or buckets for rock climbers! Every piece is meticulously put together with love, stitch by stitch – for climbers, by climbers. We also provide a platform to raise awareness about various charitable organizations, as well as important social issues facing our world today.

Mental health has always been an issue close to our hearts. Biases and pre-conceived notions are often what makes mental health issues so hard to understand. Very often, especially at the beginning, that bias may stem from within the individual suffering from the mental health condition themselves. We at Chalk’em Up! believe that every person deserves a voice, and that every person deserves the chance to gain insight. We hope to be an enabler, and support those in need, in their journey to attain self-awareness and an overall better sense of mental well-being.

We feel that there definitely has been a change in society’s mindset towards mental health conditions in general compared to in the 80s or 90s, especially with the internet making it so easy to search about anything and everything under the sun. Unfortunately, that accessibility can also bring about the arrogance in people in thinking that they know more than they actually do, and we believe that much more can be done to help the general public understand the true facts behind them. Like how we aim to help climbers start conversations through interesting chalk bags, we also firmly believe in SMHFF’s goal in breaking barriers in mental health through starting conversations to navigate through what may be uncomfortable and awkward territories. As society slowly shifts to becoming more accepting, it is also crucial to educate on how best support can be offered to those with mental health conditions.

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