Welcome to Chalk’em Up! We are a social enterprise offering conversion services of plushies/soft toys into chalk bags or buckets, as well as occasionally custom making chalk bags according to our client’s requests! Every piece is meticulously put together with love, stitch by stitch – for climbers, by climbers. We also provide a platform to raise awareness about various charitable organizations as well as important social issues facing our world today.

So don’t be shy! Just head over to our online shop to see what we have to offer. Alternatively, you can fill in our online order form for conversion of an existing plushie, or just drop us a line if you would like us to help you source for a suitable plushie.

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Cute and Adorable Chalk Bags/Buckets?

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A Custom-Made One and Only Chalk Bag?

We may be able to help you! Contact us today to discuss your preferences with our Creators, and we will help you bring your dream into reality! You can be the proud owner of a Chalk’em Up! exclusive chalk bag.

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